Why Airstream RV-angelism?

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I’ve been talking obsessively about my silver twinkie lately (which is a HUGE 31 foot Airstream Sovereign manufactured in ’69 and sent out in ’70), so I figured I’d do a little post about my theory of natural  “RV-angelism” as I’m calling it. BTW, if you want a video tour of mine before I started work on it, check out the pre-renovation video below.

When I look at an Airstream, I see pure freedom. I see efficiency. I see nature and minimalism and power over cultural norms. I know I’m not the only one who sees this. There is a whole Airstream subculture attracted to these values!

Because of this, there is also HUGE opportunity to reach people who cherish the same ideals. Plus, Airsreams are just cute–there’s something that makes you want to look inside, and start a conversation.  I know that as someone who wants to be involved in personal ministry,this will be incredibly valuable. I just hope I can make it work!

Getting my upholstery redone in a lovely dove gray!

Getting my upholstery redone in a lovely dove gray!

Living in an Airstream will take a lot of sacrifice–both financial (shout out to my parents and those who have or will donate goods or services) and otherwise. I am not naturally a minimalist: I love clothes and crafts and rock collections and kitchen gadgets so I’m terrified. I especially dread limited fashion choices…I’m afraid I’ll feel like Eve did when she had to start searching for fig leaves. I want to be able to rest in Christ’s presence, where I’m complete, but LOOKING CUTE is such a part of society’s expectations for women.

So, if I can pull this off, here is what having an Airstream traveling ministry can do:

1. Give our girls a look at an alternative lifestyle of committed ministry.

2. Allow me to spend significant time LISTENING to our girls in a fun and safe environment. (I want to be a youth listener first, and a youth speaker second).

3. Allow me to go on tours from church to church and therefore charge less for transportation/housing from each place. (Say, $200 gas vs a $400 plane ticket)

4. Allow me access to some rural areas where I couldn’t normally find lodging.

5. Attract curious visitors who might not otherwise attend meetings.

6. Go volunteer in areas of natural disasters, etc.

7. Allow me to volunteer for extended periods without over-taxing church members.


Here’s how I see this playing out:

When I get invited to come speak at a school or camp-meeting, instead of just coming in the day of, I’ll be able to roll in a few days before. I’ll set my ‘stream up in the parking lot and set out a sign that says “FREE LEMONADE” and put up the awning and patio lights so that it looks inviting. The girls will see me out there and come by for drinks and to see the trailer. We’ll make friends and as they always do, they’ll tell me about life.  That way, when I get up to speak, they’ll actually listen–because I’ve listened first.

Many adults think that kids don’t listen, but they do. They just want to be heard first. The Airstream will give me the opportunity to hear and connect with local girls before I get up to speak, making for a more powerful message. After all, as cheesy as it sounds, kids really don’t care what you know until they know you care. So, I want them to know that I care, and the Airstream will really be a counter-cultural connecting point!


How you can help:


If you would like to donate to this project, I would LOVE your financial help. I really need a 3/4 ton truck to pull this baby and I’m praying for the Lord to send me one. 🙂 Email me at amie@greaterthanrubies.org if you have any leads for me or if you’d like to donate. Additionally, I will probably have to have a polishing party one day soon to get that nice silver finish back to shining!

I also appreciate your prayers and well-wishes.

Where should I go first? I’m hoping this project will be complete by late July or early August.

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