What’s With the Name?

The Greater than Rubies  (GTR) name is a cool head-nod of respect to the worth of the Proverbs 31 woman.  This chapter is usually just read on mothers day and such to celebrate what a wonderful gift a Godly wife is.  Of course, by the time we arrive at this particular point in the unnamed woman’s life, she does in fact “have a ring on it”. (It may be a nose ring, which was a popular tradition in that culture.) Anyhoo…

This lady of loveliness wasn’t always a wife, and these virtues of awesomeness were not miraculously conferred upon her during the wedding ceremony. No way! She had been a Godly, hard-working girl ever since she could milk a goat! Far before her husband-to-be ever met her.

I talk to a lot of young women who want to wait to be responsible with their lives until after they settle down and get a family, and that works for a few, but this Proverbs woman had it figured out!. She didn’t wait to hear from God  exactly where she was going or who she would marry before she got to work on her character. She determined that being prepared for her future would yield the best possible outcomes, which in that day, pretty much meant a good marriage. When I read Proverbs 31, I see a woman who works hard, I see a smart business woman, I see a creative crafter and a servant of God. I also see a woman who was highly praised and respected for her readiness to take on life’s trials with sleeves rolled up. Kind of a Jackie O./Mother Theresa/Rosie the riveter all mixed into one cool woman.

This idea of being ready for anything —for living our best possible lives, even when we don’t know what God has in mind is the key to being an industrious and successful woman.  Single or married, younger or older, career woman or home manager, we can all aspire to become a modern version of this virtuous woman.

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