Currently Presenting: The Secret Keys Leadership Tour

Dear Teen Girl’s Advocate,

There are 6 secret keys that every young lady in your church or school needs to possess in order to unlock a life of impactful leadership and success.

I’d love to stop at your church or school; get to know your girls and teach them about how understanding the six keys of leadership; Success, Essence, Purpose, Hustle, Love and Serve, will prepare them for a life of adventure beyond their biggest and most delightful dreams.

Here are some of the ways this program may support your annual goals:

Individual Workshop Segments

Instead of the whole weekend program, you may just want to focus on one particular topic. Each segment of the SECRET KEYS course can stand alone as a mini-seminar. The segments are as follows:

I. Success

Girls are bombarded with lies about what it means to be “successful”.  We’ll explore success as the world sees it and compare and contrast to the Bible’s version in order to learn a better method of self-measurement. We are ENOUGH as he made us. He can use EACH of us, no matter our background.

II. Essence

Sometimes our girls are literally lost in the world. They have no idea who they are or their identity in Christ. In this section, we look at how important our world view, character traits, and self-worth are, and how we can control and build our essential understanding of who we are in the image of Christ.

III. Purpose

We’ll talk about each girl’s passions, take inventory of her unique gifts, skills and interests and learn how to turn those things into a purpose statement with Godly goals that will guide her life choices!

IV. Hustle

Did you know that there are success principles that will ALWAYS WORK when you use them? Totally true– and I’m going to unveil by favorite 10  success tips the the girls in this section.

V. Love

There is no way I could have a conference for young women and NOT talk about romantic relationships, so we’ll answer questions about the purpose of relationships, the curse of Genesis 3,  brain chemistry, purity, how to break up well, and what to do with guilt, shame and temptation.

VI. Serve

In this section, girls will discover why Christian service contributes to personal success. The girls will brainstorm, and design their own personal one-day service project that will tie in to their purpose statement from segment III.

Download the Secret Keys Mailer to print and share.


If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or other speaking event, please download the Booking Questionnaire and visit the Honorarium page for more details.

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