Three giant blessings! (One is 31ft long)

This month has just been a wild ride! I’m giddy like a kid on a mountain top candy shop one minute, then stressing about why things are so hard the next.( I am practicing praise in all these situations, but it seems so much easier during the times of smooth sailing!) The former totally outweighs the latter, however and I’m having to get out the calculator to add up all the good stuff that has been going on! Here’s just a few of the big blessings this last month. 

1. Got to do my first ever LIVE Rock Your Life boot camp with 6 girls from central Arkansas.  I’ve got a little review posted on the previous blog and comments from some of the girls on the You Tube Channel They really liked talking about spiritual gifts and boys–so, you’ll probably hear about that!

Here’s Savannah, one of the darling ladies who completed the whole Rock Your Life boot camp!

2. Grateful for not one, but THREE radio interviews to talk about Greater Than Rubies and Rock Your Life (how cool is that?!) Hear the interview with Brian and Leland.

3. We may or may not have found an Airstream trailer to start working on making this misiness (that’s my word for ministry-first business) mobile. Road trips! Oh, wait, I guess I need something to pull it with first. 🙂  I’ll let you know how that goes.
Please pray for me! I am asking God to bless me like he did for King Uzziah  in  2 Chron. 26, but I’m also praying that I  not ever trust in my own strength…that story had a less than stellar ending for ‘ol Uz. I appreciate you and all your support as this thing grows! 

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