The Thing About 2830 Miles

If it seems like I’ve been a bit absent lately, it’s because I’ve been at GYC in Phoenix. GYC stands for Generation Youth for Christ, and its mission is to get the Gospel spread to the whole world in our generation. Pretty good ambition, eh?

This is the first year that I’ve been a vendor—or had a booth anywhere, so the last month has been a big furious rush to prepare a booth, artwork, handouts and get my travel plans ready.

My mom just asked me if it was a good decision to go….

“Gulp”, I’m thinking. I hope so!

I haven’t added up all the receipts yet, but it cost thousands to get  me and my stuff there. The drive was also quite heinous as I did all 40.6 hours there and back alone. I could fill your ear with 10-20 minor annoyances that really cramped my style (did I really need a smoke detector in my booth Mr. Fire  Marshall?) but as I sit and look through this stack of your names and remember your faces my attitude gets a bit of a lift.

I met girls with cool names like Glensi, Isabel, and Anastaisa. I met people from the Bronx, Sunset Utah, Zimbabwe and Alberta and half of you from California (represent!). I met girls who are struggling to fit in at their public school and those who are ready to lead at their academy. I even saw a couple people I used to go to college with; always a sweet surprise! On the way home, I met the parent’s of last year’s Miss New Mexico, Kamryn Blackwood, who is apparently a Christian and interested in girls ministry.

So, the programs were fine and the booth was fine and the food was…um…we’ll leave that bit out . But the part that made those 2830 miles and lots of dollars worth something was the girls I met, the stories they told and the friends I brought back home. People, not programs, make GYC special for me.

When you break it down, for every 15 miles I drove, I made a new contact…and many of you will become great friends–the kind that will be with me throughout eternity. True friends are made “At The Cross” (GYC’s theme this year), aren’t they?

So that’s the thing about the last 2830 miles. They were worth is because of the friends. THANK YOU for being at GYC this year. You blessed me!

What was the best part of GYC for you this year if you attended? If you collected my pins this year, what do you want on a pin next year?

I’ll include some of the pictures one of my teammates took of the GYC goings-on. Thanks for bringing the camera Marcela!


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