The ONE and only reason for a summer job

photo credit: framboise via photopin cc

photo credit: framboise via photopin cc

So, did you decide what you wanna do this summer yet? Are you out pounding the pavement for a job?  Well, if you are not one of the especially privileged young people to snag a job at the best summer camp in the world, Camp Yorktown Bay (of which I am obviously a proud alumni), don’t you worry! There are still plenty of options. If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I am also hoping you’ll spend part of summer volunteering and learning something amazing! But what if you’re doing both those things and still have time left over? Well, yeah! Apply for a job—or even better, start your own business.

That first paying summer job is a big deal! It’s the signal that you’re on your way to taking care of yourself, and it’s also a method for earning money to pay for activities, interests or to stash away for college. However, the type of summer job you opt for should ultimately do ONE thing for you—and you may be surprised that it has NOTHING to do with money. Every job you take should develop some of skills you need in order to fulfill your life purpose. What’s the use of a job if it doesn’t prepare you for your ultimate calling?! (PS, if you don’t know your life purpose, you’re in luck…I just developed a course that will guide you through that online!)

Now, with that said, let’s look at 3 common summer jobs and how I think they’ll prepare you for any calling:


Retail Sales

One of the more diverse job options for girls is retail sales. This type of work doesn’t pay a whole lot and usually starts around minimum wage, but depending on where you work you may receive a hefty discount on products.

Your duties could include taking inventory, stocking shelves, product demonstrations, handing out samples in grocery stores, customer service or operating a cash register. This type of work offers lots of opportunity for growing responsibility. Working with money and making sales are pretty handy in any line of work. This job is awesome for Christian girls because you’ll get to know lots of people in your area and you will certainly find opportunities to share your faith.

My first retail sales job was as a seasonal hire at Abercrombie & Fitch in Lincoln, Nebraska. I worked hard and was super-dependable. I went out of my way to try different aspects of the job instead of saying “that’s not my duty”. I got to share my beliefs several times with co-workers. When the seasonal work was over, I was the only temporary worker that got to stay on. When I finally moved on, I got an awesome letter of recommendation.

Food Service

Here’s an opportunity to develop social skills while earning an income. A job in the food service industry is a natural fit for outgoing girls that like people. Once you get the hang of it, food service can actually make a bit more money. You might get an hourly wage of about $9 or $10 per hour or a low base pay plus tips. There are lots of jobs in food service—from dishwasher, to cook, hostess, or server. They all are great for learning how to work as a team and resolve conflicts.


I know so many girls with a nurturing spirit who enjoy children! If that’s you, you could rock a summer job as a nanny or babysitter. This job is even more in demand during the summer when school is out and parents still have to work! You could likely make anywhere from $10 to $14 dollars an hour, or more for multiple children. This job requires a great deal of responsibility and sometimes even more patience. This would be a great choice for girls who might want to have a career in teaching, child care, social work or any other field that makes use of social skills or requires interaction with kids. Honestly, the skills you learn working with kids is just valuable for life


Now, if none of these options tickle your fancy (that’s a freaky phrase…wonder where it came from) that’s alright! Start your own business!  Decide what you want to do: house sitting, closet cleaning services, tutoring, lawn care, ebay lister– whatever! Get some business cards printed at on the cheapsies and go door to door in your area passing them out. Advertise on social media and on any bulletin board you can.
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