Speaking & Training

I’ve been preparing for this field my whole life:

When Dad yelled at my cousins and me in pre-school for staying up too late and talking–I was preparing for this day.

When I got a “talks too much” note on my 2nd Grade report card, I was preparing for this day.

When I was suffering through middle school in an uncharacteristic silence because no one understood my faith, I was storing up wisdom for this day.

When I got sent to the principal’s office in 10th grade for talking–I was preparing for this day.

When Coach Barnes called me “the mouth of the south” every track practice–I knew I was just honing my craft…for this day–the day that you would hire me to talk! Praise the Lord I listened long enough to realize that talking can actually be a way to serve people!

I love speaking and teaching, and I take my craft VERY seriously. So seriously that I have even just enrolled in Josh Shipp’s Youth Speaker University so that I can bring you the very best experience for your crew. (If I am one arm and one leg short when you see me, you’ll know why!)

To see what talks and seminars I am currently presenting, please visit the topics page.

I look forward to speaking with you soon–but I bet you could have guessed that.



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