Announcing…the Ruby Republic (Ambassador Program For Christian Girls)

So…you’re a committed Christian girl or woman who connects well with others and sees the huge need to be available to our young women as they wade through life’s tough stuff? This post is for you! We’ll reveal how you can leverage the Greater Than Rubies brand and products to start your own local movement.  Check out the details below!

What is the Ruby Republic?

It’s the official organized group of qualified girls (and women) passionate about ministering to and mentoring other girls in their neighborhoods, schools, communities and churches. Each member of the Ruby Republic is called an ambassador.

Who might be a good fit for the Ruby Republic Ambassador Program?

We would love to especially invite committed Christian girls 16-25 who have a desire reach young ladies with practical wisdom from the Bible and from their own lives! Peer mentorship is one of the strongest influences in a young girl’s life, and there are so many girls just dying for a spiritual sister to learn from!

If you’re like me (a slightly older adult) don’t feel excluded. Heaven forbid I try to squash your calling. YOU know if young women respond to you, so if this is for you–it just is!

What does the Ruby Republic do?

The Ruby Republic functions in three major roles.

  • First, this group functions as an informal advisory committee to the Greater Than Rubies Board of Brilliance—keeping them aware of current issues and trends affecting Christian teen girls in their local area through regular communication. Input by Ruby Republic members will inform the GTR developers as they decide which products and messages are most important.
  • Second, the Ruby Republic Ambassador is a spokesmodel for the Greater Than Rubies brand and products. She represents GTR at events or product launches during conferences, in schools and at her local church or community groups. She may answer the call to distribute materials, gather email addresses, volunteer at our booth, make announcements or even lead a micro service event on behalf of our company.
  • Third, the Ruby Republic Ambassador is intentional about reaching the young ladies in her sphere of influence. She is a friend and informal counselor to her sisters in Christ.

What’s in it for you?

Nearly everyone working in ministry does it for the right reasons–but let’s be honest, there is never enough appreciation! I want to make sure to appreciate you in the following ways:

  • Ambassadors get the inside scoop! They see the products before the launch.
  • Ambassadors receive info products for FREE or nearly free (materials cost only)
  • Ambassadors can give discounts to their friends
  • Ambassadors can receive dollars as a THANK YOU!

For example, for this first course– the Rock Your Life success course, You’ll get a code to give to whomever you want for 20% OFF, when they use that code on their purchase, I’ll send you a $25 check. You can do this as many times as you like!

  • When you help someone sign-up the first time, you’ll get your ambassador coupon cards
  • When you help two people, you’ll get your official ambassador lapel pin
  • When you help ten people sign up, there will be a shirt coming your way!

And so on…

You’ll also get a thank you if you help me book a live training event!

How do you sign up for Ruby Republic?

  1. Take the Rock Your Life success course at

It’s $149, however, I’d like to return 50% of that to you after you complete the program. Remember, there is a 30-day money back guarantee as well, so there is no risk for you. I’m asking you to pay for it for several reasons—1) I take time and spend dollars on each active student in the course, so I need to weed out those who are not actually interested in finishing the program. 2) If you decided to tell other people about the product, you’ll want to be familiar with it and have your own testimony on the portions you found helpful. 3) I know this course will bless you!

*If you can’t pay the $149, ask someone who believes in you to sponsor you! Most folks are into promoting programs that serve young people.

  1. After completing the course, email me the contact info of two character references that you have known for 2 years or longer.

I know this may seem like a super-annoying thing to have to do, but I want to build a team of the BEST ambassadors EVAAAARRR! This is going to be the group of girls that changes the world, and I would rather have no one, than someone who was a poor role model for girls. So, forgive me for being annoying and send me some names and numbers of people who know how cool you are. If everything checks out, you’re in!

  1. Read and sign the secret Ruby Republic pledge.

That’s it! I’ll send your check back to ya and you can start ambassadizing. (I’ll send you materials for that too.)

Thanks for reading all of that, I can’t wait to have you on the team! Let me know if you have any questions by sending an email to If you have a friend who might be interested, feel free to share!

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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