Measuring my beauty with a teaspoon

Um, it’s January again which is usually low self-esteem month for me.  It’s so cold out, so my exercise routine is stalled. All the fitness commercials are on featuring toned and tanned bleach bottle blonds in spandex who look great as they elliptically climb  their way to achieving their resolutions. Those are paid models, I remind myself.

I’m totally fine with my looks (usually) BUT I realize I’m not eating to the glory of God and I have put on enough weight that when I cleaned my closet out yesterday…weeeeeell, there are a lot of things I still like that don’t fit anymore (like ALL my pants except the exercise ones–hmmm).

Measuring Beauty and Worth

All this leads me to think about my beauty. This is a fairly regular battle: to see myself as God does (I am made in His image, after all) while still being motivated to be the best and healthiest version of myself.

If you struggle with that as well, you might enjoy a bit of my journal that I found from this time last year:

“The problem is not that we are not beautiful, but that the world we live in–removed from the light of God–is not even capable of measuring beauty. Their tools are miscalibrated! These people are walking around measuring the wrong things with messed up tools and then we’re trying to make our gorgeousness fit. How ridiculous for me to fall into that perverse system!

When someone thinks or says that a woman is not beautiful–just based on outward appearances and without knowing the true measure of beauty, it’s like someone who determines that the ocean isn’t deep because someone gave them a teaspoon of its water. WRONG.

Mankind has lost it’s knowledge of what beauty is, so we make our own standards, and we change them on a whim. If anyone tells you that you aren’t beautiful, just realize that means that you don’t fit into their warped little box that they made for you today. So don’t be offended–Thank God!”

We are too deep, too mysterious, and too sparkly for any man to measure.

How do you deal with this battle? I’d love to hear about any sage sayings or verses that you use to battle the “not pretty enough” mindset.


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  1. shirley stamps

    I had precious godly parents. I had a very protected home and I am thankful. the day, about 33 yrs. ago I realized I was a princess of the most High, a REAL princess, one who has been saved from myself, the world, the devil and the very pit if hell, my life began to change .in very little baby creeping baby steps. Your book, I pray will get to young girls and teach them who they really can be and are “in Christ” thank you. I’ve shared your page with all my fb friends, May The Holy Spirit move in power and His mysterious ways;) thanks!!(by the way my 20 yr. old daughter is the one who read this book 1st thanks to our church having it on the book shelf. She’s a virgin and desires a real man of God, plz pray with me for her. thanks and may God continue to richly bless you!

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