Masturbation a sin? Video Q & A Series Starts Here


Have you ever noticed that we good religious folk are terrified of the word “masturbate”, as if some unknown power will mark us with a scarlet “M” for even thinking it?

That’s too bad, because every time I go somewhere to speak on the topic of purity and sex, I am approached by an shy or embarrassed teen looking for answers on masturbation–what it is, if it’s harmful, if it’s a sin, etc.

She usually says one of two things. Either her friends are talking about it all the time and she is curious OR she has been told that God kills a kitten every time she touches herself and is suffering from immense guilt.

So, let’s address this calmly and as Biblically as we can, provided it’s not specifically mentioned.

By talking about things we create space to be real, to ask for help, to support each other in our learning and trials.

I know this can be a divisive topic, but I’m just going to start the discussion by sharing MY viewpoint. You are free to study for yourself and make your own decisions. We just need to not let our girls feel ashamed to learn and ask about this topic.

Starting tonight and throughout the next couple weeks, I’ll be releasing videos on the topic of masturbation. Here’s the first in the series:

Can’t wait to read your responses and comments!


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