Life purpose discovery for Christian girls: an interview with Barbara Bruce, KVSL Radio

I’m of the opinion that we often over-spiritulize our life calling, making it WAY more complicated than it really is. I know it seems so hard when you’re in the middle of a big decision, but try this equation on for size and see how much clarity this little exercise brings! You can hear all about it in this Easy Life Purpose  interview with Barbara Bruce, General Manager at KVSL Radio in Arizona, but here is the short version below.

I also did a little video on this a while back if you like vids better!

Anyway, My equation for figuring out your life purpose is: What you’ve been given + what/who you care about =purpose

1. SO figure out what you’ve been given! List your spiritual gifts, talents (think of your 10 year old self and what you really loved to do!), abundant resources

2. Write down what or who (populations/causes) you really care about. It will probably be something directly related to your own struggles, because you can empathize, but it could be anything that really tugs at your heart! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Optional) 3. Wants and likes list: take 10 or 15 minutes and write down what you want…start with the material and work toward the immaterial.
-Maybe you’ll end up wanting immaterial things like happiness, safety and love -Maybe you’ll want to be or do certain things…those can actually tell you how you’ll go about living your purpose out. Those wants become the vehicle, or the way by which you get to that purpose. -For example, if I am a talented singer and care about kids in the foster-care system and I want to have a business teaching voice lessons, maybe I find a way to provide those services to foster children for free! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PULL IT TOGETHER… Use the things you discovered above to draft a sentence.

End up with a sentence that sounds like: I am here to use my gift of ________________ to help ____________________. (optional part) I will do this by/through__________________. Hope this gives you a boost as you are thinking and praying through this stuff! Remember, your purpose may change in time, but being clear why you’re here at every stage will bring you success at every stage.

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