Guest Speaker

Hi There! Sure, I’d love to come talk. If it’s short, I won’t even charge anything. Yep, for requests that involve one sermon or short meeting I will decline to take any fee. If you tried to pay me I would shove the money back in your pocket and run away. You can, however, take care of all the  travel expenses including airfare or mileage, parking, lodging, car rental (if needed) and meal per diem.

Training Event

For events that are longer (weekend conferences, weeks of prayer, or training seminars, etc.) I ask the same expenses as above with the addition of  an honorarium of $250 per training day. This does not include materials or marketing. To start the booking process, download this Booking Questionnaire, fill it out and email it to helpme@greaterthanrubies.org!

Check out this Cost Estimates & Booking Details sheet for some basics.

Please check out the resources page for more  information about planning your event, including a spreadsheet with working formulas–WOWEE!

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