Helping Our Girls Get What They Want

How many times have you been shopping at Wal-mart (I’m currently an Arkansan, don’t judge me–oh thou who have access to Whole Foods and such) or whichever local store, only to have your isle-wanderings interrupted by the over-zealous beggar child behind you.

“Please Mommy?”


“Pleeeeeeease Mommy?”

“I said NO, Taylor Marie Higginsbottom! Now put them Lucky Charms back before Bubba wakes up.”

Okay, so not every person is named Bubba in Arkansas, but there are an astounding number where I shop, apparently.

Anyway, the point is that wherever I go I’m aware of kids and teens who do everything from beg and cry to pout and eye-roll to try to get what they want out of their parents.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a lovely little girl’s face all twisted and pouty because she’s not getting her way–unless it’s her mom’s tired and permissive face giving in to it.

When you give in to that kind of behavior, everyone looses, because your daughter learns that all she has to do to get what she wants is embarass you. That’s messed up! Respect doesn’t exist in that realm, and your daughter will eventually get a REALLY hard wake-up call.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could teach our girls a way to go about getting what they want that would improve relationships and still yield results? Wouldn’t it be cool if they could learn some techniques that are not based on fit-throwing or manipulation but would help them get a YES more often? I know you want your girl to develop some solid principles for successful communication, so…

Ahem. [Cue the ta-dahs and applause!!!!]

Here’s the principle. I call it “TRAPP” and it represents the important components in asking in a truly persuasive way. I explain it in my video here, which I would LOVE for you to share with a young lady in your life.

The best part of all this: it really is tied in with a Biblical principle–you’ll see in the video!

I also have a worksheet to go along with the video so that your girl can practice her chops! TRAPPhandout

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