Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want funding to be the reason we don’t get to meet! I’ve typed up some creative options for those who have a limited budget.
Yes, unfortunately! It seems more transparent and fair to your organization to do it that way.
Reee7xyst*r. Just kidding, the 7 is silent. Just kidding, it’s REE-jester, but when you say it fast its more like REE-jister. Meh, say it however you like. I’m not gonna be offended.
I speak at a range of different events: school chapels, church services, youth rallies and training events. I would love to preach from a loudspeaker on an ice cream truck someday.
My 9th grade communication teacher, Ms. Susan Holtz bribed me with getting out of class if I would compete in the American Legion oratory competition 3 weeks out. The kicker was that no matter how poorly I did, I was guaranteed cash and a scholarship because there would be 4 people competing for 4 prizes. The end result of my efforts was a badly mangled attempt to explain the significance of John Quincy Adams’ presidency to about 200 American Legion Members. Pretty sure I spent as much time picking an outfit as I did memorizing my speech but you know what, I still got 4th place and my picture in the local paper. And that was enough to keep me going.
I usually tell people that I have a serious disease. It’s not that serious, though it can be a little painful. It’s just a little lymphedema!
Probably not. No seriously, the ones I say are true are true. I may occasionally enhance certain details. I get some illustrations online, or from people who email me their experiences and I don’t employ a fact checker! I hope they’re true—the people who’s stories I use are generally people I know personally, so lets cross our fingers.
The Bible, The Great Controversy, The Four Hour Workweek, and anything by John Maxwell or Jack Canfield.
Outdoor stuff like hiking or kayaking, hanging out with family and friends, thrifting, baking, eating vegan goodies, and sleeping unusual places.
Batman movies, Sherlock Holmes and all sorts of documentaries about lots of random things.
I’m all over the place- Laura Viers, The Beach Boys, Carole King, Kari Jobe, Judah and the Lion, Sleeping At Last, Sufjan…honestly I have lost touch with knowing “the popular bands”  over the last couple years and that’s actually been great. Also, I’m finding I actually dig hymns now!
Jesus Christ. That’s the main one, and lots of other folks– Daniel, Nehemiah, Jan Hus, Mother Theresa, my mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Anjelah Johnson, Bear Grills, John Harvey Kellogg, Olympians in general and Hillary Duff. (Really? No, not really.)
Gotta say I’d love to go back to Venezuela. Stateside I’m a sucker for California.
I usually sob my eyes out while drying my hair, that way no one in the house can hear me. True story. Don’t come in while the blow dryer is on. Besides crying through things, I approach obstacles by laying them at God’s feet–I push forward until it becomes apparent that I need to go another direction. I rely on my parents, encouraging friends, prayer. I stick to my commitments, even when I don’t feel like it.
Oliver, my favorite cat died a while back and I can’t get another one. It’s too sad.
It’s a really tough call for me, I love so much! Pizza always sounds good, seaweed snacks, anything curried.. but seriously, I can eat you out of house and home.

Now that’s enough about me! Hit me up on the facebook page and tell me about YOU!

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