RYL Scholarships

We are now taking scholarship applications for the Rock Your Life program online. You can take the course any time, and at your own pace, but there are rewards for those who finish within a 4 month time frame!

To read more about the course, visit the products page.

Also, if you would like to give this course as a gift, it is available at Udemy.com!

Part I: Applicant Information






Zip Code:*

Telephone #1:*

 Home Work Cell

Telephone #2:

 Home Work Cell

Can you receive texts?*
 Yes, text it up! No


Date of arrival into this cruel world:*

Name of school you attend:*



Zip Code:*

Name of Parent/Guardian with whom you live (if applicable):

If selected for this scholarship, will you be able to commit to completing the entire course, including planning and carrying out your own service project within the next 3 months?
 Of course! (Notice how "no" isn't an option?)

Part II: Personal Statement

Include a paragraph or two, explaining why you are a good candidate for this year's scholarship program. Please state why you should be selected, citing examples when necessary.*

Part III: Extracurricular & Volunteer Activities

Please list your activities and hobbies in the order of their interest to you and how many years you've been doing them. We're just trying to get to know you. Include school and community clubs and/or associations, leadership positions held, awards received, etc. Do not include the toenail figures you secretly sculpt at night. That is totally cool but I don't need your deepest, darkest stuff here.*

Part IV: Micro Essay

Option 1

Include a written response to ONE of the following topics. Correct spelling and grammar are expected. Credit to appropriate sources and/or bibliography should be included when applicable. If you write more than a page my cat, Oliver, will eat your application.

Option 2

Film your response in 2 minutes or less, upload it to YouTube (or Vimeo... or whatever your prefer) and email us the link.

Micro Essay Questions

If you had just $150 to do something great in your community, where would you start? How would you put that money to its best use? What's your motivation, inspiration, and plan of action?

Explain what success means to you, and how you got your ideas of what true success is. Discuss any role models or early memories you have that may have impacted your view.

Ok, good work! Thank you for your application!

Thank You!

Please check your email inbox frequently for news and updates on your application.

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