Christian Fashion: It’s All Just Fig Leaves (pt.4)

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A while back I posted something on my facebook page about my rule of thumb for fashion. Here it is:

When I get dressed in the morning, instead of asking “Do I look good in the outfit?” I try to remember to ask “Does Jesus look good in this? ”

I totally admit that it sounds a little ridiculous, (Jesus wears robes of light, Amieduh, you’re saying) but it’s how I remind myself that I’m really representing Him—that I might be the only Jesus someone sees. It keeps me from caring too much or too little about my outfits.

I was so surprised and confused when an acquaintance commented that Jesus doesn’t care what anyone wears—that’s he’s too busy dealing with things like war and rape and atheism to give a poop about something as menial as clothing.

I was kind of taken aback, but maybe I shouldn’t have been.

I know that your wardrobe is not God’s priority. In fact, all clothing is really just fig leaves! Yeah, you heard me!

In the Bible, Adam and Eve were clothed with God’s righteousness before they sinned, after they sinned, they felt shame—they realized they were nekked and they grabbed for some fig leaves for covering! Ever since that moment, humankind has been trying to recover from that sense of shame. We buy what we buy to try to overcome this sense of not being enough.

In a way, fashion is just fig leaves.

But God cares about those fig leaves and here’s why:

Anything you wear is basically the marketing or advertising for the product inside. It says something about you.  That’s why we are attracted to certain brands and styles—because they supposedly tell others about the kind of person we are.

Think about it this way: clothing is to a person like packaging is to product.  Packaging is important!

One time, I had gotten home late and was finally getting ready for bed. I squeezed the tube of toothpaste onto my toothbrush and proceeded to put the brush in my mouth. It was at that moment that I appreciated distinctive packaging because the colgate packaging looked strikingly similar to the store brand diaper cream that I was now brushing my teeth with.

Your packaging is important to God too. He wants it to match the character within you that he’s given to you through Jesus. Just as it would be confusing to shoppers for a product to be mislabeled to too close to another, it’s confusing to those looking for the message of Christ’s character to see Christians caught up in the same fashions of the world.

Does that mean you shouldn’t shop at the mall? No way! It just means that we should give some thought to our personal choices.

In the next segment, I’ll share the questions I ask myself when I make apparel decisions! Chime in with your comments below, and as always, feel free to email me any questions at



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  1. Nela

    Well said, Amie, and much appreciated! 😉


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