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Masturbation a sin? Video Q & A Series Starts Here


Have you ever noticed that we good religious folk are terrified of the word “masturbate”, as if some unknown power will mark us with a scarlet “M” for even thinking it?

That’s too bad, because every time I go somewhere to speak on the topic of purity and sex, I am approached by an shy or embarrassed teen looking for answers on masturbation–what it is, if it’s harmful, if it’s a sin, etc.

She usually says one of two things. Either her friends are talking about it all the time and she is curious OR she has been told that God kills a kitten every time she touches herself and is suffering from immense guilt.

So, let’s address this calmly and as Biblically as we can, provided it’s not specifically mentioned.

By talking about things we create space to be real, to ask for help, to support each other in our learning and trials.

I know this can be a divisive topic, but I’m just going to start the discussion by sharing MY viewpoint. You are free to study for yourself and make your own decisions. We just need to not let our girls feel ashamed to learn and ask about this topic.

Starting tonight and throughout the next couple weeks, I’ll be releasing videos on the topic of masturbation. Here’s the first in the series:

Can’t wait to read your responses and comments!


How to talk about rainbow facebook profiles (with your Christian teen)


You may have noticed that a few, or maybe a that a few thousand of your friends’ Facebook profile pictures are now covered with a transparent layer of rainbow joy in celebration of the Supreme Court decision last week to make same-sex marriage a right nationwide.

Regardless of where you stand on the court decision, or even on the act of rainbowing a Facebook picture, this is a huge opportunity to discuss some important issues with the teens in your sphere of influence.  After all, with over 26 million people participating in this social media phenomenon, you’ve got a lot of leverage to start a conversation.

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the many celebrities changing their facebook profiles to celebrate the supreme court decision.

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the many celebrities changing their Facebook profiles to celebrate the supreme court decision.

The teens who share your genes or show up at your church are undoubtedly taking notice of all this social media activity. In fact, according to the Media Insight Project, 88 percent of Millennials (young adults aged 18-34) get news from Facebook regularly, and over half of them do so on the daily. So, how can you use the rainbow connection to start a dialogue?

Here are 4 ideas that you might be able to use…and remember, this is a self-proclaimed Christian liberdependant republicrat talking. I don’t really know what I think on many issues. I’m still figuring that stuff out myself.

1. Unicorns

Before you get into the heavy stuff, consider bringing up Unicorns, Hello Kitty or  late 70’s Houston Astros’ uniforms to provide a great segue into rainbow discussions.

2. Love-speech

Surprise your teens with overwhelming love-speech for your LGBTQX community. If you don’t have any love, you might need to pause and reflect on that.  (By the way, if you’re not used to seeing the Q and X, the Q stands for “queer”, as in gender and/or sexual fluidity or in a reluctance to label oneself. The X stands for all other undefined possibilities.

Anecdotally, the 7 adults I know seem to be mostly talking about morality and social norms, constitutional implications and other topics that come up on the Mark Levin Show (that’s some guy on talk radio who yells a lot). Now, there’s no problem with talking about these issues, but what I would LOVE to hear from my Christian friends is more concern for the individual people excluded from things like retirement, healthcare, visitation, housing services and YES that did and does happen even with civil union benefits in place.

Let’s fight for and care for all our brothers, sisters, and those who don’t feel like they’re in either category. Let’s demonstrate our concern verbally and tangibly. This is the spirit of Christ. Once our teens see the right spirit in us, they might actually care what the Bible says about the subject. They will be driven to try to reconcile how or why a loving God would seem to disallow homosexuality. As it stands right now, many teens’ “B.S. meters” are going off because our stated beliefs in other-centered love and our actions aren’t matching up.  As if we only reserve our love for those who fall into the “approved lifestyle” category.

Also, let’s talk less about the“gay agenda”. Yes, there probably is one. Chances are that there are a few people who see a way to get fame or wealth from the situation—and those people will drive an agenda. However, anecdotally again, the five gay people I know really just want to be able to live their lives without fear of getting evicted from their apartments, or shamed publicly. That’s their agenda. They want to be treated like humans. Yay for humans!

3. Single-minded duality

Do you realize how amazing a Christ-follower is? Christians have a single-minded duality that sets us apart and allows us to act differently. What I mean is that we have a high standard—a single-minded centeredness on Jesus and the righteousness that will follow from knowing Him. We also have a duality of mind allows us to interpret something like homosexuality as a sin, but still absolutely love the person who may be committing that sin.

You’ve heard that phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin”, right? This duality makes sense to us. (Though I must give a shout-out to the author of this article for rejecting the categorization of “sinners” as a cop-out). We can realize that we are convicted of and called to a certain standard, without being hateful to someone for not subscribing to that same standard.

What’s interesting is how foreign that concept is to some non-believers. Awhile back I attended a talk by some friends at By Beholding His Love, a ministry that shares about God’s love and power to overcome. This talk was about homosexuality and a young man in the audience spoke up during the Q & A time.

This guy just could not reconcile how anyone could find an act of homosexuality an abomination, according to their faith, but still actually love the homosexual person. He said that we just naturally hate the people who do things that we disapprove of, so it must just be an act, a cover-up at least and mere tolerance at best. All I could think was “yes, I guess that’s not natural.” I believe that the ability to see deeper into a person’s heart and truly love them, despite any actions that we might find abhorrent or against what we choose for ourselves is a duality that is sustained by understanding God’s love and grace toward us in our states of sin.

4. God’s Design for Marriage

Use this opportunity to have a discussion with your teens about what God designed marriage to be and do. You probably think you know where I’m going here, but I might just have a trick up my Hello Kitty trademarked sleeve!  Sure, you’ll probably talk about the one woman/ one man concept from Genesis, but please don’t let the discussion flounder in the shallows. The truth is that we who claim to believe in the sanctity of Biblically-defined marriage need to rediscover and educate our own people on what God wants for marriage. It’s not just a sex and stability benefit program. It’s a “one-flesh” physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual, mental and economic union.

Let’s talk with our teens more about the real point. I love how John Piper puts it in This Momentary Marriage, saying “The meaning of marriage is the display of the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his people.” Wow. Our unions are supposed to be a living testimony of God’s relationship to his people!

It’s living out this covenant that would have protected the definition of marriage as many Christians interpret it. Think about it: would this discussion even be happening if marriages inside the church were happily holding together at a rate of 98 percent while “the world” struggled at 50 percent? Doubtful. It would be obvious to others that the Biblical method worked. People would be asking Christians what the secret was to get a blessed, forever-union. They’d be grabbing onto your robes like the guys from Zech. 8:23 to ask for advice. Let’s put our marriages where our mouths are! Wait, is that weird?

In closing, I’m praying today that the words coming out of our mouths will be full of grace and genuine longing for those who don’t know or don’t care what the Bible teaches yet.  Additionally, I’m hoping we can use these rainbow profiles to engage our teens and get them thinking for themselves—shopping in the marketplace of ideas and asking questions that will ultimately help them see the beautiful character of God.

What about you? What interesting and non-expected discussions have you gotten into with your teens because of the explosion of rainbows?

See you soon!



Other helpful/interesting links:

By Beholding His Love

A Christian View of Civil Marriage

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Why Airstream RV-angelism?

Howdy there pardner!

I’ve been talking obsessively about my silver twinkie lately (which is a HUGE 31 foot Airstream Sovereign manufactured in ’69 and sent out in ’70), so I figured I’d do a little post about my theory of natural  “RV-angelism” as I’m calling it. BTW, if you want a video tour of mine before I started work on it, check out the pre-renovation video below.

When I look at an Airstream, I see pure freedom. I see efficiency. I see nature and minimalism and power over cultural norms. I know I’m not the only one who sees this. There is a whole Airstream subculture attracted to these values!

Because of this, there is also HUGE opportunity to reach people who cherish the same ideals. Plus, Airsreams are just cute–there’s something that makes you want to look inside, and start a conversation.  I know that as someone who wants to be involved in personal ministry,this will be incredibly valuable. I just hope I can make it work!

Getting my upholstery redone in a lovely dove gray!

Getting my upholstery redone in a lovely dove gray!

Living in an Airstream will take a lot of sacrifice–both financial (shout out to my parents and those who have or will donate goods or services) and otherwise. I am not naturally a minimalist: I love clothes and crafts and rock collections and kitchen gadgets so I’m terrified. I especially dread limited fashion choices…I’m afraid I’ll feel like Eve did when she had to start searching for fig leaves. I want to be able to rest in Christ’s presence, where I’m complete, but LOOKING CUTE is such a part of society’s expectations for women.

So, if I can pull this off, here is what having an Airstream traveling ministry can do:

1. Give our girls a look at an alternative lifestyle of committed ministry.

2. Allow me to spend significant time LISTENING to our girls in a fun and safe environment. (I want to be a youth listener first, and a youth speaker second).

3. Allow me to go on tours from church to church and therefore charge less for transportation/housing from each place. (Say, $200 gas vs a $400 plane ticket)

4. Allow me access to some rural areas where I couldn’t normally find lodging.

5. Attract curious visitors who might not otherwise attend meetings.

6. Go volunteer in areas of natural disasters, etc.

7. Allow me to volunteer for extended periods without over-taxing church members.


Here’s how I see this playing out:

When I get invited to come speak at a school or camp-meeting, instead of just coming in the day of, I’ll be able to roll in a few days before. I’ll set my ‘stream up in the parking lot and set out a sign that says “FREE LEMONADE” and put up the awning and patio lights so that it looks inviting. The girls will see me out there and come by for drinks and to see the trailer. We’ll make friends and as they always do, they’ll tell me about life.  That way, when I get up to speak, they’ll actually listen–because I’ve listened first.

Many adults think that kids don’t listen, but they do. They just want to be heard first. The Airstream will give me the opportunity to hear and connect with local girls before I get up to speak, making for a more powerful message. After all, as cheesy as it sounds, kids really don’t care what you know until they know you care. So, I want them to know that I care, and the Airstream will really be a counter-cultural connecting point!


How you can help:


If you would like to donate to this project, I would LOVE your financial help. I really need a 3/4 ton truck to pull this baby and I’m praying for the Lord to send me one. 🙂 Email me at if you have any leads for me or if you’d like to donate. Additionally, I will probably have to have a polishing party one day soon to get that nice silver finish back to shining!

I also appreciate your prayers and well-wishes.

Where should I go first? I’m hoping this project will be complete by late July or early August.


Some friends and I (check out that dashiki dress) at the main evangelism site at Chitungwiza listening to Ted Wilson, President of the worldwide Adventist church.

Some friends and I (check out that dashiki dress) at the main evangelism site at Chitungwiza listening to Ted Wilson, President of the worldwide Adventist church.

“We now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!”

With those words I experienced the absolute pinnacle of my May trip to Zimbabwe. There were hundreds of baptisms in a community pool two Saturdays ago near Harare—about 30 of them from the site where I was serving as Bible teacher or “evangelist” if you want to get fancy. There had been about 30 baptized the week before as well. Most of these were souls giving their lives to Christ for the first time! The absolute coolest thing was that the pastor asked if I would like to say this phrase and a blessing over each of those getting baptized!

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Westgate

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Westgate

For months the elders, church members and officials had been preparing for a country wide mission to the cities that included 918 preaching sites and many other community service and healthcare efforts.  The goal: to give a Biblical revelation of hope to the country of Zimbabwe by pairing messages of Bible prophecy with acts of service.

Revelation of Hope, Zimbabwe

Here’s where I was preaching: Parktown Main. We had about 400+ nightly and probably 600 on the weekends.

The most notable act of service was the two weeks of medical services donated by various dentists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, and other health care workers during the Health Expo in Chitungwiza, a town about an hour from Harare, Zimbabwe. It was awesome to see my church on the front page news and hear about the health expo on the radio. About 34,000 people had their suffering relieved!

Borrowed without permission from

Borrowed without permission from

There were so many highlights I don’t think I can fit them all in this blog post! I got to try some new and tasty food, shop in colorful markets (and learned to bargain) and receive a hasty marriage proposal in Shona (which my companion had to interpret).  Even our stop-over in Dubai was rich and adventure packed, but I’ll save that for another post.

One of the most beautiful experiences was getting to know the teen girls at my church site. I got to do a mini version of my Secret Keys tour with them after school and it’s amazing how many of the same things our girls on the other side of the world are struggling with: fitting in, figuring out their futures, looking for Godly men, struggling with beauty and body image issues. One of the most surprising things I learned is that a lot of Zimbabwean girls are spending their precious spending money on skin lightening chemicals, despite the possibility of skin discoloration and even increased likelihood of everything from hypertension to cancer. It’s so strange that Caucasian girls in the US are frying in tanning beds while my Zim beauties are trying to bleach themselves. God, help us to see ourselves as you see us!

Though my schedule was pretty packed most of the trip, I definitely got to have some fun too. God placed me with the BEST team of Elders, translators and other support crew—people hitched to the love of Christ and pulling with all their might. They were serving the meeting attendees, but made time for me too. My driver (Leonard) and companion (Nyasha) were with me almost constantly and showed me around the city on the couple days I had off from our morning meetings. They even managed to get me a dress made at one of the local tailors, for which I will be eternally grateful. (BTW, puffed sleeves are apparently IN in Zimbabwe).  I left the airport with friends who had nearly become family and am hoping to see them again this side of heaven.

Leonard and Nyasha, my constant companions!

Leonard and Nyasha, my constant companions!

Many of you have already seen the elephant photo I posted on facebook, taken at a wildlife refuge in Imire, so I’ll leave you with a couple more so you can have that fantastic rural African feel as I say goodbye! This trip was a huge blessing and I’m so privileged to have gone. Praise the Lord for his people (and animals) all over the world!

A giraffe at the Imire refuge.

A giraffe at the Imire refuge.

Photo courtesy of Sean Nebblett.

Photo courtesy of Sean Nebblett.

All that’s left to say is: Manheru! Good evening to you!


PS…if you’ve visited Zimbabwe, I’d love to hear about your experiences. If you were part of the Revelation of Hope efforts, let me know about your involvement!

Study Break: Test Stress Ministry Ideas for Finals Week!

It’s finals season. Aaagh!.

For all the college kids, we’re nearing the end of the pain (this week here in Conway, AR), but the high school students are just gearing up for the torture that is year-end exams.

School projects are always being brought up in our small group at church, and it’s not just some filler prayer request they toss out in order to avoid sharing personal info. We have many students on scholarship in our church, and they want to keep that money (and even pick up a little more) by getting those high marks. We also have the privilege of having some international students who seem to take their studies a bit more seriously than the standard university attendee. For them, good grades mean they might get enough support to continue to grad school before returning home to serve their countries and their families. No matter where our students are from though, they are STRESSED right now. Your high school and college kids are feeling it too.

This is where you come in! For the last 4 years or so, our class at church has tried to do something helpful around semester and final exams. We have baked cookies in the past, and delivered them to the different campuses and homes (for high school students) for a study break. We’ve sent encouraging verses (and maybe even glow tracts one year) in little goody bags and given each student one for themselves, and at least one to share with a roommate or friend.

This year I was feeling ambitious so I made muffins with flax instead of eggs (My nutritionist friends tell me how good those Omega 3s are for the brain). I made lots and delivered them in gift bags to our students. When I got home, I finally tried the muffins and they were not all that grand, but to my surprise, I got several heart-felt thank yous via text.

I realized that the kids 1) aren’t that picky, and 2) just appreciated someone coming by and praying with them. It takes some time, but the effort is minimal. In fact, you could do granola bars, juice boxes or even popsicles if you have an ice chest.

I have lots of ideas that require a bit more effort, but I’d like to try one day—especially if we ever have a location adjacent to one of our campuses. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. I’d like to host a midnight (or 10pm) fun run when folks are up late studying. We could meet in the parking lot on campus, and have a car playing some tunes drive around for about 5 minutes, with the kids all jogging behind. We could serve some snacks after out of the car.
  2. I’d LOVE to have a blessing breakfast where we served students a healthy, brain enhancing breakfast the morning of the first day of finals (or do it every day) and ask a prayer of blessing over them. It would also be a good opportunity to talk about some sleep, study, and nutrition habits that promote their best thinking. It would also be an incredible service and witnessing opportunity.
  3. I’m not even that all into health, but I’ve always loved juicing and smoothies. It would be fun to host a drink party that focused on the ingredients and nutrients that aid brain function. Maybe a “dead-day drinks that make you thinks” theme. J

Speaking of nutrition, in a video my friends and I made in honor of finals week, I promised to share Juanita’s (a soon to be registered dietician) favorite breakfast recipe idea for quick finals fare. See below for the recipe.

So that’s it for me today! Now I’d like to collect some ideas from you. What have you, or your church members done to support students during exam time? Let me know in the comments below!

BONUS: Here are Juanita’s Best Breakfasts (Quick Prep for Finals)

1. Smart Yogurt Cup

Take 3/4 cup of your choice of plain yogurt (dairy/soy/coconut), mix a teaspoon of honey, 1/2 cup of favorite berries, and 1/4 cup of your favorite nuts…(this breakfast contains great sources of protein, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber and calcium)

2. Breakfast Quesadilla

Heat up a whole wheat flour tortilla (or cold if you prefer), spread 1 tbs of favorite nut butter, add slices of banana and strawberries and sprinkle some cinnamon and chia seeds (both optionals) Fold tortilla in half and enjoy!

3. Chia Pudding: Let me refer you back to the recipe I did on video. (Make ahead and add fruit and sliced almonds.)

4. If all else fails, grab a Kind bar or an apple and peanut butter. It will really give you energy and it contains a good source of protein to keep you from feeling hungry during your test!

Juanita, Nearly a registered dietician

Best wishes and prayers on those finals! Love, Juanita

Reclaiming Weird: It’s not really a put-down!

“Amie, you are so WEIRD!”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that phrase, or a meaner variation of it during my growing up years. Anytime I made the choice to bring my meat-analog (veggie burgers) to a cook-out, or wear a victorian-era ruffle shirt to a choir concert, or to talk about my semi-precious stone collection in grade-school, someone had to pipe up and call me weird.

And it kind of wears on you after the 337th time. I tried not to care, but especially when I was already a religious minority in my Utah middle school or my Arkansas High School–it was tough!

Maybe you know what I’m talking about? Maybe you’re weird too. The pain may have deadened now that you’re older and wiser, but for those who are living with accursed label of weird, it’s really uncomfortable to live on the outside of what society collectively dictates as “normal”.

For those of you with different religious convictions (or no religious convictions) it can be especially tough because the things about your lifestyle or beliefs are often misunderstood and misrepresented. For you, I want to offer some words of comfort: weird is actually wonderful! We need weird–look at what “normal” society values–especially for teens and 20-somethings! It’s like a bunch of autobots making poor decisions and trying to get you to join them. Ugh. The only hope…is to be weird. And it’s not really a put-down: it’s a revelation of the other person’s ignorance.

I made a video about being weird and a little lonely as a teen.

I’m hoping you can use this to start some discussion with your teen girls. Ask them some of the following questions!

When and why have you been labeled as weird?

What does the word weird mean to the people who label you that?

What does it mean to you?

When you read 1 Peter 2:9, what do you think weird/peculiar means to God?

How can you reclaim the word mentally, so that being called “weird” doesn’t still as much?


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if this discussion resonates with your peeps.


Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

If you’re anywhere in my age range and did not have sanctified music listening habits in the early 90’s, you may have been into a group called Salt-N-Pepa. (I always felt bad for Salt, because her name sounds pretty lame alone, whereas anyone could like being called Pepa.) They had a string of hits, but “What A Man” is one that got the most airplay.

Let's_talk_about_sex! Single by salt-n-pepa

In 6th grade, I got a new neighbor who moved in behind us, across the alfalfa fields. Her name was Jenny—and Jenny was different. She listened to hip hop. I think since we were in South Jordan Utah (close to Salt Lake) the kids were good Latter Day Saints and didn’t mess around with that stuff. Jenny let me borrow the CD for a day to see if I liked it. The cuss words made me uncomfortable in a couple of the songs but I didn’t want to turn it off until I had listened to the song titled “Let’s Talk About Sex”.  Why? I don’t know. It had the word sex in it. What more do you need?


This weekend I was so happy to get to talk to a present for a group of young ladies from the Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. As I looked over their comment cards and social media posts I noticed that nothing has changed. Just like me, these great girls were really interested in the topic of sex. It’s exciting! It’s intriguing! My first night’s talk was on “The Oldest Trick In The Book” and how satan was able to tempt Eve into taking the fruit with three simple steps. I explained to the girls that he uses the same steps today to draw us into all kinds of sin, but we focused on the allure of sex.

I want to suggest we talk about sex FAR more often with our Jr. High and High School girls. We should have “Sex-question Sabbath” once a month or something. Ok, maybe there’s a better name for it, but hey—we need to start somewhere.

It is not acceptable to just tell our young women to avoid sexual intimacy before marriage! They need to know that it was God’s idea first—that the world has hijacked it. They need to know that God’s goal is not to withhold pleasure—but to create a space for ultimate pleasure. That the point of waiting is not to make them feel shame and guilt for wanting sex, but to prevent the fear, shame, guilt and baggage from ruining a potentially great relationship.

We need to shut the media up and do some of the talking about sex. We need to take advantage of their interest to demonstrate that the character of God is not one of withholding. We can do this. You can help.

Happy sex talking!

P.S. If you want a couple of ideas on how or what to start talking about, check out my recent YouTube videos on how God relates to sex.

God & Sex Part 1 (with marshmallows)

God & Sex Part 2 (with calluses)

7 Non-Negotiables For Your Girl’s Future Husband

I had a harrowing conversation with one of my girls the other day! We were talking about her “I want” list for her perfect guy.

High on the list were things like being cute, and loving her forever.  Silent reflection on the depth here….but, I mean, she did mention commitment…right?

At the time I didn’t know how to respond, but I do now! Let’s help our girls raise the bar! I’m providing you a worksheet you so can do just that with the girls you love.

non-negotiables worksheet (It’s a word document)

Here’s the video I did on the topic as well, if you would prefer to watch your info!

They’re already dreamin’ about him. Might as well make sure they get their dreams straight! 😉

70 Things Your Teen Girl Needs To Know

Hi! I’ve been putting together a guide to help girls and women start their own informal mentoring program. I believe it’s the most simple, effective way to make a positive impact on the lives of the young women in your church, school or neighborhood.  In this “Start Something” guide, I’m listing a bunch of ideas for things that you may already know that your girl needs to know–preferably before leaving home. Here are 70 such items which are more practical (there are no spiritual truths listed here). Please comment if you see anything you think is a must have so I can add it to the list!

Visit to download your free guide on how to start an informal mentoring program.


  1. Plumbing
  2. Electric
  3. Roofing
  4. Heating & Cooling
  5. Painting
  6. Laundry
  7. Cleaning routines
  8. Organization tips
  9. How to choose your first apartment or home
  10. Decorating on a budget
  11. Basic nutrition
  12. Cooking terms
  13. How to read and follow a recipe
  14. Hand sewing for repairs
  15. Machine sewing basics


  1. Starting and caring for a lawn-mower
  2. Various tools and their uses
  3. Sprouting seeds
  4. Planting easy food crops
  5. Composting


  1. How to choose a practical car
  2. Basic care
  3. Finding an honest repair shop
  4. Changing a tire
  5. What to do in case of emergencies

Health & Wellness

  1. Helping your body heal naturally (basic cold & flu fighters)
  2. Weight management/ healthy BMI
  3. Heimlich Maneuver
  4. CPR
  5. First aid
  6. Recognize emergencies (seizures, stroke, heart attack, etc)

Personal Safety

  1. Increasing alert & awareness
  2. Defensive tools and techniques


  1. Savings strategy
  2. Creating a simple budget
  3. How to pay bills, write checks, read statements
  4. How to make your money make money (principles of invenstment)
  5. Frugality (strategies for stretching the dollar)
  6. Credit & debt: how they work, when to use
  7. Retirement, what it will take for her
  8. Giving Back: how to plan for and fund your favorite causes
  9. Entrepreneurship: how to start a side hustle & earn 100-200/wk

Thinking For Herself

  1. Rules of logic
  2. Questions for Critical thinking
  3. Analyzing her worldview
  4. Decide how to measure success

Success Strategies

  1. How to manufacture motivation
  2. Prime mind for positive thinking
  3. Stop procrastinating
  4. Discover purpose
  5. Find passion
  6. Live in the NOW while planning for the future


  1. Discover how to judge character
  2. Manners For Dining
  3. Making proper introductions
  4. Move from competition to collaboration
  5. Develop compassion
  6. Define love
  7. Learn real listening
  8. Carry a conversation with all walks of life
  9. Develop intimate relationships
  10. Select potential spouse
  11. How to fight fair


  1. Interests and Aptitudes
  2. Appearance and Professional grooming
  3. Projecting confidence
  4. Ask for and receive feedback
  5. A competitive resume
  6. Interview etiquette
  7. How to negotiate


Announcing…the Ruby Republic (Ambassador Program For Christian Girls)

So…you’re a committed Christian girl or woman who connects well with others and sees the huge need to be available to our young women as they wade through life’s tough stuff? This post is for you! We’ll reveal how you can leverage the Greater Than Rubies brand and products to start your own local movement.  Check out the details below!

What is the Ruby Republic?

It’s the official organized group of qualified girls (and women) passionate about ministering to and mentoring other girls in their neighborhoods, schools, communities and churches. Each member of the Ruby Republic is called an ambassador.

Who might be a good fit for the Ruby Republic Ambassador Program?

We would love to especially invite committed Christian girls 16-25 who have a desire reach young ladies with practical wisdom from the Bible and from their own lives! Peer mentorship is one of the strongest influences in a young girl’s life, and there are so many girls just dying for a spiritual sister to learn from!

If you’re like me (a slightly older adult) don’t feel excluded. Heaven forbid I try to squash your calling. YOU know if young women respond to you, so if this is for you–it just is!

What does the Ruby Republic do?

The Ruby Republic functions in three major roles.

  • First, this group functions as an informal advisory committee to the Greater Than Rubies Board of Brilliance—keeping them aware of current issues and trends affecting Christian teen girls in their local area through regular communication. Input by Ruby Republic members will inform the GTR developers as they decide which products and messages are most important.
  • Second, the Ruby Republic Ambassador is a spokesmodel for the Greater Than Rubies brand and products. She represents GTR at events or product launches during conferences, in schools and at her local church or community groups. She may answer the call to distribute materials, gather email addresses, volunteer at our booth, make announcements or even lead a micro service event on behalf of our company.
  • Third, the Ruby Republic Ambassador is intentional about reaching the young ladies in her sphere of influence. She is a friend and informal counselor to her sisters in Christ.

What’s in it for you?

Nearly everyone working in ministry does it for the right reasons–but let’s be honest, there is never enough appreciation! I want to make sure to appreciate you in the following ways:

  • Ambassadors get the inside scoop! They see the products before the launch.
  • Ambassadors receive info products for FREE or nearly free (materials cost only)
  • Ambassadors can give discounts to their friends
  • Ambassadors can receive dollars as a THANK YOU!

For example, for this first course– the Rock Your Life success course, You’ll get a code to give to whomever you want for 20% OFF, when they use that code on their purchase, I’ll send you a $25 check. You can do this as many times as you like!

  • When you help someone sign-up the first time, you’ll get your ambassador coupon cards
  • When you help two people, you’ll get your official ambassador lapel pin
  • When you help ten people sign up, there will be a shirt coming your way!

And so on…

You’ll also get a thank you if you help me book a live training event!

How do you sign up for Ruby Republic?

  1. Take the Rock Your Life success course at

It’s $149, however, I’d like to return 50% of that to you after you complete the program. Remember, there is a 30-day money back guarantee as well, so there is no risk for you. I’m asking you to pay for it for several reasons—1) I take time and spend dollars on each active student in the course, so I need to weed out those who are not actually interested in finishing the program. 2) If you decided to tell other people about the product, you’ll want to be familiar with it and have your own testimony on the portions you found helpful. 3) I know this course will bless you!

*If you can’t pay the $149, ask someone who believes in you to sponsor you! Most folks are into promoting programs that serve young people.

  1. After completing the course, email me the contact info of two character references that you have known for 2 years or longer.

I know this may seem like a super-annoying thing to have to do, but I want to build a team of the BEST ambassadors EVAAAARRR! This is going to be the group of girls that changes the world, and I would rather have no one, than someone who was a poor role model for girls. So, forgive me for being annoying and send me some names and numbers of people who know how cool you are. If everything checks out, you’re in!

  1. Read and sign the secret Ruby Republic pledge.

That’s it! I’ll send your check back to ya and you can start ambassadizing. (I’ll send you materials for that too.)

Thanks for reading all of that, I can’t wait to have you on the team! Let me know if you have any questions by sending an email to If you have a friend who might be interested, feel free to share!

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!