Boot Camp Blast!

Oh my goodness, last week’s Rock Your Life boot camp was just a blast, but it started out as an exercise in persistence for me. I spent about 14 hours personally marketing the course, aside from social media invites and posts.

I pitched the FREE boot camp to about 12 churches in the area, bringing gifts and flyers and trying to woo the pastors so they didn’t think I was psycho. Some said they’d put the flyers out. Some ran away from me. (See previous post.)  I also knocked on doors for about 6 of those hours in the areas surrounding my neighborhood. I literally got one bloody knuckle. The night before I had 9 registered. I was aiming for 6-8, so I felt successful! That was until only 2 showed up on Monday.

I’ll shorten the story: I did end up with 6 girls, and all of them were girls I had personally invited. I’m so glad I hit the pavement, but I sure hope it comes easier next time. I actually lost sleep over this. Imagine being worried about presenting to 14 year old girls! What is this, my freshman year of high school?!

Sure, I’ve put on lots of stressful events before—I even did a couple of big budget chamber banquets, but nothing quite as big a deal as doing something you are really passionate about! I was invested. So invested, that I’ve eliminated the family room in my home in favor of a board room type learning space. Oh, and the kitchen dining area is now my office.

My new "living room", now a board room for the girls!

My new “living room”, now a board room for the girls!


It all paid off! Yeah, I’m serious! Out of the 6 teen girls I had all week, two had never heard the word abstinence.  A couple more told me that their parent’s version of the sex talk was when they got handed an illustrated anatomy book.  So we talked about sex. Other things too, of course—like who decides their worth, where their talents can take them, how to set and achieve goals, how to get what you want out of life and even what kind of fruit Eve might have picked from the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden. It was all up for discussion and some of it was pretty hilarious! I’m so glad I could be a part of those big decision talks for these ladies. I know we reinforced some of the values they’d been taught at home and at church.

One of my chalkboard advertisements for day 4 of the boot camp: "get what you want!"

One of my chalkboard advertisements for day 4 of the boot camp: “get what you want!”

Here is one of the girl's purpose statements!

Here is one of the girl’s purpose statements!

We also took action. Those girls left the course with a purpose statement—something to keep them on track through the fears and temptations of 8th, 9th or 10th grade. They learned to negotiate during a contest to see who could trade a paper clip for a bigger or better item. (The youngest girl in the group took the prize with TWO new purses. Honorable mention for a jar of peanut butter.)  Each girl said they would be able to put much of the course into practice!


Probably the most important thing I learned from this is how desirous our girls are for Godly mentors. I’m not even cool, and in a week’s time I formed a bond with these lovely ladies. They LOVED the boot camp and we had such a good time!

Here are five of the girls who attended!

Here are five of the girls who attended!


If you’d like to see a little video snippet of what the girls had to say, you can look at their comments here!

Next up for me: I’ll be implementing some of the changes the girls suggested and taking this show on the road! Feeling totally blessed today.

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