It only happens about once a year…and it happened today!

So, a rare thing happened today.

I got nervous. It was 7:14 this morning and the phone at the city event center rang.

I knew it was for me before Bob said it was, because I was supposed to be having a call-in interview today for a radio station in TX. It was scheduled for 7:15.

I had spent quite a bit of time preparing for it, but all of a sudden I was freaked out! Me, the girl who got sent to the principal’s office for having too much to say in high school. The one who welcomed being in a Tony Horton (the P90X guy) You Tube video at Venice Beach. (Still trying to find that online, btw.)

Tony Horton at Venice Beach

The girl who WANTS to memorize lines for plays. Yeah, me. I was nervous. I didn’t know what to say.

I’m not really sure what I was scared of, but I just listened back to the interview and my 9th Grade Oral Communication teacher, Ms. Holtz would be appalled at the number of vocalized pauses I threw in there.

Oh well. As my pastor says: “The biggest room in any home is the room for improvement.” I can work on it for next time.

They hosts were fun, and as it turned out, knew one of my friends from Greenbrier High School. Amazing!

KXYL greater than rubies

Here’s the interview if you’d like to hear it.



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