A pastor shut the door in my face & why I still need my mommy

QUICK EXPLANATION: My first few blogs have been advice for some of my loyal girls, but I’ve pretty much determined that You Tube is a better medium for reaching my 14-20 year old demographic—my website seems to be reaching more of my peers, friends, moms, future clients and occasional stalkers. Point is, I’m going to make a switcheroo.  I’ll put the “how to” stuff on videos and leave this space for vitriolic rants. How’s that sound? Fantastic!

OK, ONTO THE BLOG: I was pounding the pavement this week trying to introduce Rock Your Life to some parents and pastors to gain support and fill 3 more seats for the boot camp I’m planning next week, and I’m getting fairly discouraged. Lots of people think my program sounds great, but no one seems like they want to advocate for me—save two exceptional friends and one mother. You know who you are! Many already have plans (that’s cool) but some seemed offended, like I was implying that their child wasn’t absolutely the next Joyce Meyer, Rachel Held Evans or other sainted success story.

I also had a pastor literally shut the church door on me while I was still talking. Hey! Wait! Isn’t everyone welcome here? Grrrr. I need prayer. I know this will be a HUGE blessing to any girl who comes to it, but it sure is hard starting something without a mega-church backing me. (Yes, he was local and NO, I will not reveal his identity, unless you catch me when I am desperate for candy!)

My mom had some words of comfort and also gave me a good reminder of why programs like mine fail and succeed.

“Felt needs”, says my Mom. “They don’t know they need it.”

And I know she’s right! The parents who actually want to enroll their kids in my Bible-based success program have daughters who have to repeat their junior year of high school, or just got pregnant or pretended they were pregnant, or have just gotten arrested at a party. They FEEL a huge need to do something to help their girl make better decisions. The other parents are mostly—pleasantly–indifferent.

And in my mind, I’m freaking out! I want to catch the girls BEFORE they make bad decisions—or even before they make mediocre decisions. (Who wants to live a life of mediocrity?) Before their moms and dads FEEL like they need to pump tons of time and money into a last ditch effort. Last ditch efforts are usually too late.

I want parents to recognize how precarious the situation is! Leaders and church-going girls get pregnant by their boyfriends, ditch school, try pot, starve themselves and otherwise experiment ALL THE TIME, people! You’ve heard the saying “there’s a first time for everything”? Well, for girls who start something, there’s certainly a first time. Not to over exaggerate the point, but you get what I mean—just because you don’t think your kids are currently “at risk” doesn’t mean they’re not at risk.

So here’s my challenge, I need to help parents FEEL the need–even and especially for the girls who are doing well. I need to convince them that reinforcing values is best done repeatedly, through different channels, with various voices, inside and outside of the home—for forever. I’m serious. I’m 32 and I still want my mom to instruct me (but it’s nice if she asks first.)

photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

I just want to take these precious girls and help them add to their armor against the world. This life is a battle, a great controversy where every soul is a trophy for God or the enemy.  I want to help each girl in my path solidify the reasons why her decisions count, and help her find her greatest success for Christ.

What would you do to break through if you were me? Help a sister out!

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