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    Girl's Peer Leadership Webinar



    This webinar is a content-rich training that will get you  ready to launch a girl's peer leadership group in your home, church, or at your school in 5 steps. I'll help you timeline your launch and look at a few budget ideas as well! Here are the 5 main components we'll discuss.

    1. Raving about peer leadership & teaching: Why this stuff works

    2. Easy structuring for intentionality

    3. Choosing a curriculum: My 3 favorite options

    4. Dollars and logistics

    5. Round 2: how to sustain this program by growing the next set of leaders

    I hope you'll join me! Space is limited to 30.

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It was such a pleasure having Amie as a leader in the youth tent at camp meeting this summer.  She connected with our 14 year old daughter in a transformative way.  Our daughter came back from the meetings eagerly sharing how much she enjoyed Amie's message and even more how impressed she was that Amie took the time to ask her questions about herself.  It may seem like a little thing, but the interest Amie took in our daughters life made a huge impact.  I hope to have Amie visit our kid's academy in the near future.

Parent, Central California Conference

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