4 Unconventional girl gifts (and a pledge)

Unconventional gifts for Christian teen girlsThis is totally a piggyback off my last blog post, which was a plea for us gift-givers to grab some “Mallternative” shopping presents for our girls–you know, less stuff and more substance. After I thought about it a while, though, I realized I needed a piece that would help girls get into the idea, so I made a Youtube to help.

I also whipped up this image to solidify the pledge I’m making, which you see live in Technicolor before your very eyes.

By the way, I’m not trying to say that tangible gifts are evil, bad, or that girls who want them are spoiled, Paris Hiltons on credit rampage…I’m just saying: I have enough. You likely do to. Let’s practice this “Giving Tuesday” thing that people are talking about and help our young ladies do the same.

Here’s the vid!

Also, here is a Pinterest board where I have collected a few of these ideas for “experiential” gifts for Christian girls. Let me know if I need to add something!





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