4 things girls need to know to get a summer job (YES, there’s still time!)


  1. Craft a baller resume
    Professionally designed resumes can really help you stand out for very little cashola. photo credit: scottkellum via photopin cc

    Professionally designed resumes can really help you stand out for very little cashola. photo credit: scottkellum via photopin cc

A lot of girls don’t think they need a resume for a first or even a second job. They think “well, I don’t really have much to put on a resume, so why bother?” Aagh! This way of thinking is more wrong than the 70 year-old man I just saw last week wearing a skimpy speedo at Venice Beach (this really happened, people! My eyeballs bled)!

Having a resume (even if there was very little on it) to give to the prospective employer shows you’ve put some effort into finding a job. This makes it look like you care, and that you would care to put in the same effort as an employee. Think about it from an employers’ viewpoint—all things being just about equal, wouldn’t you want to help out the girl who put in more effort?

Spend time making a good resume. Have a parent, teacher or (best option) someone in the type of job you’re applying for edit it for you.


  1. You need to stand out (in a good way)

It’s definitely a good idea to stand out when applying for a job, but too many girls I know think this means wearing skimpy outfits and trying to look “hot”.  Forget that! Appearance is definitely important but you should stand out because you look like a professional, not a prostitute. When you’re in doubt about what to wear while job hunting, the rule of thumb is to dress one level up from the job you want. So, wear what your boss would wear, even when you are just going in to ask if someone is hiring.

Other ways to stand out include: having a professionally edited and designed resume, having a lot of enthusiasm, having a great knowledge of the company and the job you’re applying for, learning to ask great questions, and being flexible with your availability. Also, if you have any volunteer service, make sure you highlight it on your application or in your interview. People who volunteer get offered the job at a much higher rate!


  1. Get stellar references

Most girls applying for a job jot down two or three names in the “references” section of the application and call it good, but my strategy blows this out of the water. If you can, have three or four people either write you letters of recommendation, or call one in.  The more “important” or respected these people are, the better it looks for you. Make sure you get the name (spelling is important) and title of the person who makes the hiring decision so you can have the letter addressed properly. This tip has gotten me and my friends many of our early jobs.

photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc

photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc


  1. Fearlessly follow up

First of all, if you have an interview or even a pleasant conversation with someone—send a thank you note immediately! It’s a nice gesture that will certainly go a long way in keeping your name top-of-mind for a current or future job opening. Also, don’t feel bad about calling back. I always call to make sure my application was received and to see if there are any questions. I ask when the deadline to fill the position is, and I call back every couple of days to see if there is any progress on the decision. Don’t feel bad about calling a bunch—it seems annoying to you, but they’re busy and probably don’t even notice that you keep calling back. Also don’t be afraid to ask for the person in charge of hiring if you thought of a better answer for an interview question or for any additional info that you think might be important. Email works too, but the more personal, the better!


Best wishes on your job hunt!  There are some helpful resources for you below. Also remember, if you know me or have graduated from my Rock Your Life success course, I would be thrilled to write you a letter of recommendation.  Just email me the name and email address of the person who is doing the hiring, and a little bit about the position you’re applying to.


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