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  • So, a month ago I was moderately single..."talking" with someone, albeit seriously, and doing all the things that people do when they're figuring things out across state borders. This month, I'm completely single :) and totally trusting that God knows what he's doing. If you're anywhere in the single category...read this and be uplifted! https://setapartgirl.com/devotional/leaving-pen-gods-hands

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Amie's ability to connect with teen girls is evident as she share some of life's important lessons with them. Using Bible story characters (some who made poor choices and some who made good choices) along with todays' real life issues, she challenges the girls to choose the right path for their future.

Director of Womens' Ministries Georgia Cumberland Conference

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We need “More Than Conquerors”!

You’re a month or two into the school year, depending on which high school, academy or university you’re attending and you’re already over it. Some of you have senioritis and you’re only sophomores! Ha! For […]

Why I love tattoos

Back a couple weeks, I was hanging out at a skate park in Patterson CA, trying to get to know the kids who were throwing down some pretty aggressive tricks. I was on a secret […]

He Knows My Name

On Mothers’ Day evening I was shopping in Ross and came out of the dressing room to the sight and sounds of a woman, distraught, arguing with the customer service personnel. There were at least […]