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    You should send me a message of the most annoying/embarassing thing about your church...you know, the thing that makes you cringe when you have visitors. For example: that sound guy who is always sleeping on the job, that one lady who is forcing her organic viewpoints on everyone else, the speaker who says "I SAID, good morning" if you're not loud enough the first time, or anything else you want to share. Consider this an informal survey and your secret is safe with me...though I make make a video and act out some of these.


Thanks a million for taking time out from your busy schedule to record an interview for my program.
You offer an inspirational message, similar to none I've heard, for your "little sisters" all across this country & beyond. Best of success in your "Greater Than Rubies" venture. I'll say a prayer for your Airstream.
Be blessed,

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age 

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