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  • I'm finally back at my office after the snow-pocalypse. It's like all of winter was crammed into the last 2 weeks! I got some good videos in edit mode...coming soon to a youtube channel near you!


To sit under the sound of Amie’s voice is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Amie has a God-given talent at breathing new life into familiar Bible stories, and transporting you to a time and place that you may not have been before – ever! Her love of the Bible, her love of her best Friend, Jesus, and her commitment to researching her topics in depth, make for a beautiful delivery that will keep you enthralled during every presentation.

Ipswich, QLD, Australia 

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70 Things Your Teen Girl Needs To Know

Hi! I’ve been putting together a guide to help girls and women start their own intentional but informal mentoring program. I believe it’s the most simple, effective way to make a positive impact on the […]

Helping Our Girls Get What They Want

How many times have you been shopping at Wal-mart (I’m currently an Arkansan, don’t judge me–oh thou who have access to Whole Foods and such) or whichever local store, only to have your isle-wanderings interrupted […]